Upcoming at UUVerdugo

This Friday, April 26


Tonight we welcome families from our congregation and our UU neighbors to participate in our first-ever YUUTH Game Night. While the games were designed for ages 8-12, all ages welcome. Light snacks will be provided by the Religious Education Committee.

7 p.m.


Sunday, April 28

Sunday Service: To Boldly Go
Guest Speaker: Amy Starbin

"Star Trek" has always been a thoughtful sci-fi franchise, from the original series' civil rights allegories to the New Agey musings of "The Next Generation" and beyond. Though Gene Roddenberry considered himself an atheist, the show's open-minded humanist worldview overlaps nicely with the seeking spirit of Unitarian Universalism. Join self-avowed Trekkie Amy Starbin on a brief exploration of how the Seven Principles "interface" with the ethics of Trek.  
10:30 a.m.

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UUVerdugo Succumbs to Unitarian Chic for Stewardship Kickoff

While UUs tend to be an understated group of people, mild-manneredly keeping to themselves and not being ostentatious, sometimes the market requires them to put on the dog and be swankly in order to kick the annual fund drive into gear.

Here we see UUVerdugans in their Friendship Hall—normally the low-key preserve of powerful, urn-based coffee and potluck macaroni salad—chowing down on food not made by themselves or a family member.

As you can see, we wanted our first blog post to be something shocking.

That's our beloved 93-years-young Deane Phinney giving a pitch. I hope we went her home with some extra ravioli.

Special thanks to the team of Ann Kleinsasser, Florence Chase, and Linda Hunt for organzing the luncheon.

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