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April 2016



Every spring is the only spring — a perpetual astonishment. ~Ellis Peters


Spring is a time for renewal, growth, and expansion; we feel it in the air.  Even though we can do this at any time during the year, it feels just right to do it during spring.  We seem to have that extra energy and focus to get physically active, take action, and create change and so it with us here at UUCVH.  

This spring is a great time to envision endless possibilities, and to use our creative gifts to reach new levels of personal and congregational achievement, wellness, happiness and success.

Spring is a good time to let go of the old and make room for the new.  This can apply to the traditional spring cleaning but most importantly we need to apply it to letting go of old grudges, resentments, and anger that holds us back from enjoying inner peace and more happiness in our lives.

When we hold on to the old we keep ruminating and re-visiting old wounds they keeps us stuck. And sometimes we don’t even know it.   When we choose to let go of the old ways we make room for and open the door to endless possibilities that are waiting for us.


Many years ago one of my parishioners came to see me because he could not shake a nagging feeling of anxiety and depression.  Through the pastoral counseling process I also discovered that he had a heart condition.  As I asked him questions to better understand what had happened in his life that could have triggered such physical and emotional symptoms he revealed that his mother had left his family on Christmas Eve as a child.  He understood perfectly the connection between his symptoms and the emotional pain of his life events.  Despite connecting the psycho-emotional dots he was not willing to forgive and let go of the anger and resentment inside.  He added “I want to be angry at her even though it is at the cost of my health.”  His improvement was small because he wanted to hold on to the old.  When we choose to let go of the old we can make great progress and hopefully alleviate some if not all of our emotional and physical challenges.


We all have struggles its called life.  While it is true that some challenges are harder than others, this only means that we have to work harder at letting go.   We are all being guided through the learning process of figuring out life by overcoming its challenges; this is part of our earthly journey. 


So while spring naturally invites us to let go of the old to make room for the new, I encourage people to do it on a regular basis to optimize happiness and hopefulness.  When it comes to transformation and renewal think of what Pablo Neruda said in one of his love poems “I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”

Be receptive to unforeseen possibilities and remember to be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you may yet become.


In faith,


Rev. Gordon


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