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(Children’s programming concurrent)

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Children’s programming concurrent


“Alienation: The Disharmony
               of Ourselves"

Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey
October 1, 2017


Join us for a service that takes a look at the passing of traditional society and the consequent loss of the sense of community with a glance at the possibility of finding ourselves within the context of UU life.


"Poverty of the Soul: Time to Address the Real Issue"

Rev Gordon Clay Bailey
October 8, 2017

Poverty of the soul is a global crisis. It affects us at so many levels. During this service lets reflect upon the aftermath of the loss of faith.  The lack of trust in nearly every institution from government to the political and established religions leaves many of us cold.  We as a people must address the search for a place to call home and for a life of meaning.


"Sickness- Do We Have 
a Choice?"
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey
October 15, 2017


All cultures have systems of health beliefs to explain what causes illness, how can sickness be cured or treated, and who should be involved in the process. The extent to which we perceive education as having cultural relevance for them can have a profound effect on our lives.  Let’s talk about this.  Lets figure out together what works and doesn’t.  Let’s seek and affirm life in all of its manifestations!


"Death and Dying: What Shall Be My Lasting Legacy?"

Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey
October 22,  2017
A wise elder once remarked to me as we sat next to the bed of her dying husband “you know none of us get out of this alive” and I nodded in agreement.  So my friends given the reality of the human existence.  The reality that none of us get out of this thing called life alive is as real as it gets.  Given all of that what shall you give to us, your family, friends and other sojourners in this life?  Let’s unpack a legacy of love.

"Seasons of Change"

Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey
Elizabeth Brown
October 29,  2017
One of our focuses in the RE department is finding ways to connect our children with the adults in our congregation. This special service was created with our youngest community members in mind! We are welcoming them into the service by providing them opportunities to help facilitate and participate in the service alongside all of you. As the seasons begin to change we see a shift in everything around us from the trees, the weather and even our growing children. Come inside of the child's mind to welcome Fall and Wintertime!
We will be having children friendly experiences throughout the service and then move downstairs to engage in three wonderful experiences alongside our children. We can't wait to share the wonder of our children with all of you! We hope to see you there!