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June 4, 2017
Renewing Our Faith
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

In this service we will look closely at our congregation, our governance and the traditions we honor.  Join us for a working session complete with our vision, mission and good works.


June 11, 2017
 Unitarian Universalist:  Hoping, Praying and Believing 
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey
During this service we will explore some of the many ways UU’s engage their faith and spirit of life. We might even find out a particular practice may be useful to us as we deepen our own theology.

June 18, 2017
The Sins of Our Fathers
AJ Blackwood, M. Div.

Fatherhood comes in variety of ways beyond biology.  Many of us grew up with wonderful fathers who were attentive. loving and compassionate, while others did not. During this service we will engage in a time of reconciliation  with our fathers - celebrating our strengths and recognizing our failures.  


June 25, 2017
Unitarian Universalism: A Living Tradition
AJ Blackwood, M. Div
Each year approximately 6000 Unitarian Universalists gather to breathe light and love into our living tradition.  This year this gathering will be in New Orleans from June 21-25.  We will be reflecting during our time together in a spirit of unity with the members of our faith tradition from all over all parts of the world. AJ will host a talkback following the service.