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Children’s programming concurrent


March 5
Take Me To Church
 Rev.  Gordon Clay Bailey

Have you ever been to a Unitarian Universalist revival? Join us this Sunday as we lift up Woman’s History month with a rousing sermon dealing with the history, impact and wisdom of women in ministry.

March 12
Life Purpose 
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

It’s been said that you don’t have to know the keys to success to have a good life, but the key to failure is attempting to please everyone.  Join us for an excursion into discerning how to understand success on your own terms with the highs and lows along the way.

March 19
Moving Towards Something Great
 Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

This is the season of great expectations, for things are growing inside and out.  The sun is returning and the days seem longer.  The children are outside more and more and many of us are dreaming about the next season.  Join us as we explore and engage the longings of the heart, mind and spirit of spring.

March 26
The Meaning of Worship
AJ Blackwood, M.Div

Why do we come to church on Sunday morning? As Unitarian Universalists does attending a Sunday service hold true to our values of being inclusive and forward thinking which embraces novelty? Do our current worship styles, times, and riturals address these values or are have we simply given in to the nostalgic past and have we become comfortable with status quo.


February 5
Listening to the Spirit Within

Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

During a lifetime we process many messages.  We hear many noises.  We listen actively to only a fraction of the communications coming our way.  This service is intended to get us listening in a more profound way. This sermon is an attempt to get us all listening to ourselves deeply and to the people we care about.  Join us in this important work.

February 12
Gerald Rivers Shares The Words of MLK
Gerald Rivers

UUVerdugo welcomes back Gerald C. Rivers, who will perform his rendition of the words of Martin Luther King Jr.  For more than three decades Rivers as enacted the speeches of the late Dr. King.  He realized his gift for bringing King's words to life in his teens and has dedicated himself to keeping alive the spirit and inspiration of Dr. King through his awe-inspiring renditions. Rivers, who grew up in Compton, has gained recognition as a multi-talented actor, voiceover Artist and inspirational speaker. His presentation is part of UUVerdugo’s celebration of Black History Month.


February 19
Hearing Lincoln
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

In the minds of many historians and even most Americans Abraham Lincoln arguably remains our nation’s greatest president.  His profound sense of right, his love of country, and his words still hold great meaning as we move towards a new era in our countries’ life.  Come share of this giant’s word as we remember some of the history and dream aloud about the future.

February 26
Africans in our Midst
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Since 1865 there have been millions of Americans that have lived and contributed to this society.  A good number of them have been African American.  In fact our Unitarian and Universalist faith has been enriched by the stories and theological gifts of this community.  Join us this Sunday as we remember those black ministers and others that have helped make Unitarian Universalism the faith best positioned to serve a multicultural multiethnic world.



Our spiritual theme for this month is Incarnation. Incarnation means moving from theory, plans, and good intentions into living reality. Envisioning may be an essential ingredient of incarnation, but bringing a vision into actual existence requires effort, determination, desire, confidence, resources, and patience. According to many religious traditions, it also requires openness to creative forces outside of ourselves. 

December 4          Who Am I, Do I Belong To You?                                              Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

We as biological entities have many thoughts about how we came to be.  Are we the creations of a divine force or of mere happenstance of the universe, what does it mean and how does it impact you?  Do we have a connection to all matter or are we separate, unique beings having a human experience?  Join us at UUCVH as we enter the holiday season with spirituality, questions and maybe a few answers. 

We are incarnations of our creator”

- Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity



December 11        Holiday Joys and Sorrows                                                       Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Join us at UUCVH for a service focused on the spiritual and emotional highs and lows of the Thanksgiving through New Year season.

“Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” - Dave Barry 



December 18        "Seasons of Love"                                                                         AJ Blackwood, M.Div

As another year begins to come to a close, join us for a time of reflection.  We will be reflecting on what it is we have incarnated over this past year.  For many in our community the last two months have caused pained and struggle, during this service we will ask not what this has brought us but rather what we have brought to it? 


December 24        “Christmas Eve”                                                                       Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Come in from the dark, now we gather.

Come in for the warmth that we'll share.

A people of hope and of memory gather together.

We light our chalice and take time to care.

Join us at UUCVH for an evening filled with songs, readings

and a bit of merry making.


December 25        “Christmas Day”

In a spirit of UU Unity, we are inviting our members, families, friends, and visitors to join us at Neighborhood UU Church in Pasadena. AJ Blackwood, ministerial intern, will be sharing his message “A Festival of Lights.” This will be a time to reflect on the meaning of Christmas as a time of unity for those celebrating the many religious and cultural celebrations of light and inspiration that take place during this time of year when we begin to edge towards longer days, and shorter nights. AJ is serving both UUVerdugo and Neighborhood UU Church during this year of his internship.  Neighborhood UU Church, 301 N. Orange Grove, Pasadena, CA 91103. 



Theme for the month: GRATITUDE

 Nov.  6             “Law Not War”                           Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Beginning in 1945 with his prosecution of war criminals during the Nuremberg Tribunal, the work of Benjamin Ferencz has long focused on issues of international criminal justice and world peace. A strong supporter of the International Criminal Court, Mr. Ferencz advocates steps to replace the “rule of force with the rule of law.”  This service will look at his life’s work and remind us that this world needs activist, committed to Justice if we hope to leave this place better for our having lived.

Nov. 13           Unitarian Universalist Service Committee Saves Lives”

                                                                            Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

The UUSC advances human rights through grassroots collaboration. In more than a dozen countries throughout the world, the UUSC fosters social justice and works toward a world free from oppression. Join us as we rejoice in the works of the UUSC its innovative approaches and measurable impact


Nov.  20          “Universal Children’s Day”        Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Americans and Unitarian Universalist recognize Mother’s Day, Father’s Day... so why not a national Children’s Day? A day that revives, celebrates, and commits to our children and their future. Join us at UUCVH as we send a morning engaging, celebrating and enjoying the beauty of children.

  Nov. 27           “Thanks … I Want More!”               AJ Blackwood, M.Div


Now that are our tummies are full, the dishes are put away, and the kitchen is clean, we can fully engage in the next and final season of 2016 - the dreaded Christmas season of consumerism.  Millions of people around the globe, but no more per capita then here in the US, just completed one day of giving thanks and then embarked on two days of shopping, buying and working to acquire more and more.  During this service, we will explore what it means to prepare to give and receive gifts of the heart as we enter this season of celebrations of light in the darkness.  

October Theme: HARVEST

October 2            “ I Had It All Along”                       

                                                                                                        Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Join us at UUCVH as we delve into the reality that many of us if not most of us carry within us all of the essential ingredients we have ever needed to live whole healthy and maybe happy lives.  Alan Cohen’s book (I Had It All the Time) is instructive.


October 9            “Choosing the Right Spiritual Direction and Living Into It”

                                                                                                       Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

So often people are handed a religion by their family.  Too many of the world’s population never give serious consideration to their chosen faith.  Join us at UUCVH as we explore our own value systems and how living into Unitarian Universalism is not only the right choice for you the individual but maybe for the entire world.


October 16          “Waiting On The Global Harvest”

                                                                                                       Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

News flash!  As a culture, we don’t wait well.  In fact, many of us are downright unkind when we have to wait.  This service is intended to engage our hearts, minds and spirit in a global way.  What does the whole worlds harvest look like to you?  Do Africans, Asians, Amerindians, Europeans and others have a seat at the table?  When will the developing world join us?  When do we have enough?  Join us for a sharing of epic proportion.


October 23          “Tilling the Soil … Harvesting New Crops”

                                                                                                            AJ Blackwood, M.Div

If any of you have ever farmed, I will assume that you know that planting the same crop in the in same field over and over again depletes the soil of vital nutrients.  In order for crops to be harvested with full flavor and robustness one of two things need to happen, either the soil needs to be tilled and mixed with new soil or the crops need to be rotated throughout the land so that the existing crops can vitalize the current soil.  Join us this during this service for a conversation about how we as UU’s can seek out and find new opportunities to add new soil to our congregational life and celebrate the strengths of rotating the same crops in the same soil year after year as a means to grow new, more bountiful community.


October 30          “Samhain”                        

                                                                                               Lisa Bailey and Suni Johnson

(pronounced /ˈsɑːwɪn/ SAH-win or /ˈsaʊ.ɪn/ SOW-in, Irish pronunciation: [sˠaunʲ]) is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year. Samhain is seen by some as a time to celebrate the lives of those who have died, and it often involves paying respect to ancestors, family members, elders of the faith, friends, pets and other loved ones who have died. Please feel free to bring pictures or moments to add to our service, as you are willing and able. 


Aug 7

“Old Woman Laughing, but Sometimes Sad”, Speaker Sally Currie


Sally Currie will share original “mostly funny poetry” linked together by comments about her life which led to writing it.  Sally began rhyming when she was three years old and has now been at it for 80 years.  She finds writing poetry to be as therapeutic as any psychiatrist’s couch.  Join us this morning to be entertained and inspired by Sally’s wisdom and creativity.  


Aug. 14

“To Yellowstone by Bicycle”, Speaker Eric Kleinsasser


People like to travel for a lot of reasons, and in this world there are a lot of ways to go about it.  A trip need not always be explicitly a spiritual journey or an adventure of self-discovery. Sometimes a trip simply happens because you want to ride your bike someplace. But if you spend enough time on the road, chance encounters and little moments can take you by surprise just enough to leave you with the memory of a meaningful journey. 


Aug 21

“Are UU Awake?",  Speakers Lisa Bailey and David Hostetter


As a congregation, we have recently taken on the work of educating ourselves about the current anti-racist movement in our country. Recent events have increased the urgency and the need for a revived commitment to racial justice. UUs have a legacy of being significant contributors to the abolition of slavery and the ending of segregation.  These accomplishments are incomplete.  How do we as a community committed to social justice join in the ongoing struggle to confront racism within ourselves, our congregation, our nation and the world?  Lisa Bailey and David Hostetter will facilitate a discussion of the challenges we face and the opportunities for action.

We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Aug. 28

"Remember How Much it Hurts:  Football and the Crisis of American Masculinity”, Speaker David Hostetter


The return of the National Football League's Rams to Los Angles means that America's most profitable professional sport will once again be part of our entertainment and economic environment.  The problems within the league and the toxic style of masculinity it exemplifies raise important social questions.  Why is the NFL so economically powerful?  Can the role football plays in our national culture be transformed?  Can we challenge the negative influence of football on the construction of American masculinity?  David Hostetter will examine the role of football in our society and suggest opportunities for positive change

July 3, 2016          “What Does Being American Mean to You?” Howard Richman

We will take time during this 4th of July weekend to share our thoughts on what it means to be a American.

We will ask all who want to share their feelings on this subject to take part.  We will meet in the Fellowship Hall in the round to share our thoughts or readings from other sources to give our perspectives.  Then we can continue to discuss our ideas at the luncheon after the service.


July 10, 2016        "Mid-Summer Ruminations"                                  Florence Chase
Our fellow congregants will present personal compositions or selected readings that will amuse, afflict, help, strengthen, embolden, anger, comfort or surprise you.  Each of the ideas expressed will provoke continuing conversation among us this morning as we share our reactions to what we hear and learn from these thoughtful writings.


July 17, 2016        “How Did I Get Here?”                                                 Bonnie Keith

How did I happen upon Unitarian Universalism to begin with? How specifically did I find my way to the UUCVH?

We all have our own personal history, background and journey through life.

 What has been your spiritual journey to lead you down the path to join the Unitarian Universalist Church?

Was it fate or some other force of nature that drove your spiritual chalice?

Come and share your story with us and how we all came to be in this place at this time!!


July 24, 2016        “Education and Advocacy With Urgency”        Adrienne Shapiro
Adrienne Shapiro is co-founder and Science Administrator of Axis Advocacy, supporting work to cure Sickle Cell Disease.  Adrienne is a fourth generation of mothers in her family to have a child born with Sickle Cell Disease, and was an early supporter of work with bone marrow and later stem cell transplants.  She speaks nationally at educational conferences and has met with Southern California Congress members to lobby for the support and passage of the Sickle Cell Education Act.  Join us to gain wisdom from her experiences.


July 31, 2016        “That’s How The Light Gets In”                     Kathleen McGregor 

More than a quarter century has passed since the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted by Congress. In that twenty-six years, UU churches have become pretty good about assistive listening devices and large type orders of service. The common disconnect is considering mobility impaired. What about invisible disabilities? How well do you know your pew mate? What does it mean to be a welcoming congregation, a truly welcoming, “come as you are,” “glad to have you” congregation for the broken and the visually put together? 

June 5, 2016 “Compassion for You and Me” Rev. Gordon Bailey

Compassion is the one feeling I actively seek to grow in others and in myself.  It has the power to move people like very few other things. In this understanding of the power of compassion we have an ability to see the suffering of others and ourselves in a new light.  After we embrace compassion hopefully we can begin to empathize and allow space for grace and dear I say love to begin.  Please join us at UUCVH for a service in service of others and ourselves.


June 12, 2016 “Prince, Nothing Compares to You” Rev. Gordon Bailey

Prince Rogers Nelson was—and still is considered by many as the gold standard of artistry. A brilliant guitarist, bassist, arranger, and producer, he was more than a visionary. He was an entity unto himself. Join us at UUCVH as we look into this life that came into our world did so much and went too fast.


June 19, 2016 “Men, American Men, and UU Men” Rev Gordon Bailey

This service is in honor of Men.  During this service, we will look at the highlights and lowlights, the pros and cons and the joys and sorrows of approximately half of the human family.  Along the way we will seek out and call attention to the new ways many men operate in the context of the modern world and specifically our Unitarian Universalist life.


June 26, 2016 “Summer Solstice” Lisa  Bailey

Celebrating the longest day of the year (6 days later) and all of its gifts as we begin our transition, into the darkness of the Yule. What should we leave behind and what can we add to the lessons of the year that is passing so quickly? 


May 1, 2016       

“Covenantal Community”                   – Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Despite the fact that Unitarian Universalist (UU) worship’s roots are in Protestant Christian liturgical traditions, there is a critical difference between the meaning of UU worship and the meaning understood by other traditions with Protestant identities. It is the difference between worship founded on covenant and worship founded on creeds. This distinction is critical for our free faith, and answers basic questions about why we choose to be UU.  This sermon will look at both our history and our present situation at UUCVH with both a loving eye and a future orientation.



May 8, 2016      

“Mother’s Day”                                       – Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Join us at UUCVH for a warm and enlightening Mother's Day celebration.   This is our day to honor mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.  We will explore the past and look at society today as we give love and acknowledgement to the gifts mothers, mothering, and caring souls bring.


May 15, 2016     

“Universalism: The Faith for the New World Order”

                                                              – Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Universalism a concept whose time has come.  I believe this outlook will be the religious, theological, and philosophical way of the spiritual mind in years to come.  Join us for a lively sermon and talk back about our chosen faith.


May 22, 2016    

“Rumi For Beginners”                          - Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Rumi has been recognized as one of the unique spiritual geniuses of all time.  He is someone who is fused at the highest level and with the greatest possible intensity such as intellect of a Plato, the vision, passion and soul-force of a Christ or Buddha, and the extraordinary literary gifts of a Shakespeare. Rumi is, maybe the world's greatest mystical poet.  So join us as we explore Rumi a little and engage our spirits from a very different perspective.


May 29, 2016    

“How Should Our Next President Address Extremism?”

                                                              - Lay leader, Howard Richman

According to a recent Pew Research study, Americans are sharply divided, especially on party lines, as to how the next president of the United States should address Islamic extremism.  This question was recently addressed by local members of the clergy, a humanist and an atheist, in the “In Theory” section of the Glendale News Press.  This morning we will hear their opinions on this important and timely issue.



April 3, 2016

Who’s fooling Who?

Humans go through a series of ups and downs in life.  Often we delude ourselves into believing things that aren’t true.  In this service we will explore why humans have a hard time dealing with the truth and how we may move towards authentic living with as much honesty as we can muster.  Join us for a morning filled with introspection and truth telling.


April 10, 2016

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Is real peace available to the human family?  Atrocities continue in our present.  The truth is that so many people have horrific thoughts about all sentient beings that it’s a wonder we have made it this far.  Who has a soul?  Who’s worthy of an abundant life (whatever that is)?  Which continent, tribal group, ethno cultural group, class matters most.  The news has constant reminders of our transgressions against humanity and even further towards the planet.  May we wake up!  May we take care of one another!  May love guide us in all we do!  The alternative is too painful for me to consider.  Today’s service is about us, the human family.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better?


April 17, 2016

Remembering Starr King

Thomas Starr King, a Universalist and a Unitarian minister, was a lecturer and orator whose role in preserving California within the Union during the Civil War was honored by statues in the United States Capitol and in Golden Gate Park in California. Two mountains are named for him, one in New Hampshire's White Hills; another in the Sierra Nevada of California.  Our very own UU seminary here in California is named after him.  So why don’t more people know about this man?  Join us for a look back in time and a few thoughts on why we should lift this hero of our past into the present conversation.


April 24, 2016

Does It Matter What You Believe?

What you believe about religion changes everything. It affects how you love, work, live, marry, parent, purchase, and worship. Think of just a few popular views that people have about God for instance: Is God an impersonal blob who is uninterested in the world except for figuring out who the good and bad people are? Is “god” a karma making sure everyone gets what he or she deserve? Is God a myth that weak, ignorant, or oppressed people use to console themselves or dominate other people with? Is God a cosmic cheerleader who is concerned mainly with helping you achieve immediate happiness and self-actualization? Or is God someone else?  Does your faith understanding inform all you do?  Is Unitarian Universalism assisting you through all the challenges in life?  I’m here to say it can.  I’m here to remind people that what you believe matters.  Join us in a service about your faith and a lively discussion that will follow.



February 7, 2016

“Creating Sacred Space,” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

What does it mean to be UU in 2016?  How do we open the doors to diverse populations including people of different national origin and ethno cultural groups?  Can we maintain our UU identity if soul music, Latin jazz, and Native American theologies are regularly espoused?  Why has it been so hard to entice or engage Latino or Asian Americans in a Unitarian Universalist context?  Join us for a service that will explore, excite and challenge common assumptions about these issues and quite possibly entice you into doing something about it.

February 14, 2016
“Love and its Many Splendid Ways,” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Love is a daily occurrence. It surrounds us, and we can only hope to take part in its transformative powers. Each day, truthfully, is Valentine’s Day, and the love that I encounter every day in the world makes me appreciate the beauty of the celebration. So even if you don’t have that special someone in your life this service is intended to remind all of us to appreciate the love of family and friends who will always be there for you. Because even though you may not realize it, they’re the ones who really make those grand romantic gestures each and every day.

February 21, 2016
‘Standing On The Side of Love”
Guest Minister Rev. William Chester McCall, III

February 21, 2016 at 4:00pm
A joyous Installation Service of our settled minister Reverend Gordon Clay Bailey

February 28, 2016
“Like Me and UU,” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

Did you ever read the book "Black Like Me? Or Black In a White Denomination?  Do you know the history of Blacks within Unitarian Universalism?  Have you ever wondered what its like to be a UU of color?  Come to this service with an open heart, open mind and a willing spirit as we grapple with the seemingly endless dialog about race and diversity within America’s most progressive denomination. 









































January 3, 2016
“It Takes Every Kind of People,” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


With its blend of African, Asian, European, Latino and Native American peoples, the UU movement, and our USA, is moving toward a global community inclusive of concepts, mores and cultural paradigms that unite us in a tapestry of humanity that’s changing before our eyes.  Join us for this first service after the New Year to celebrate our Spiritual Diversity and Global Family.


January 9, 2016  Saturday Service "Soulful Sundown" Theme: Awakening
5:30 - 6:30pm.  
Contemporary Music!  Engage yourself…  Indulge your spirit.


Soulful Sundown Saturday is a monthly alternative theme based spiritual service led by the Reverend Gordon Clay Bailey and others of UUCVH.  Usually on the second Saturday of the month from 5:30-6:30 pm through June.  Join us!  See you then!


January 10, 2016
“Roses are Red,” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


Spinning Shakespeare into modern prose is a scary prospect but a few highly thought-of writers have given it a try.  This service will attempt to discern our right to reinterpret the masters and even offer up a few lines from the new prose.  Join us for an engaging and provocative service.


January 17, 2016
“Thurman’s Magic,” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


Howard Thurman was a giant.  He was an influential African American author, philosopher, theologian, educator and civil rights leader. He was Dean of Chapel at Howard University and Boston University for more than two decades, wrote 21 books, and in 1944 helped found a multicultural church. Thurman was considered one of the three greatest African-American preachers in the early 20th-century.


January 24, 2016
“Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” Gerald C. Rivers, Guest Speaker
Ann Kleinsasser, Lay Leader


This Sunday following Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, guest speaker Gerald C. Rivers will bring to life the voice, spirit and essence of Dr. King. As an actor and a scholar, Mr. Rivers speaks the timeless and truth-filled words of Dr. King in a powerful and moving presentation.


January 31, 2016
“Standing On the Side of Love,” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


Standing on the Side of Love is our denomination’s public advocacy campaign that has harnessed love’s power to change people and stop oppression.  Here is an up-close and intimate service dedicated to those that serve and those who are standing on the verge of getting involved with creating the Beloved Community.  






December 6, 2015
“Let it Go!”  Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


Join us for an interesting journey through the ups and downs of the Holiday Season.  We explore the over eating and family gatherings and finally end up talking about what’s really at the core of our beings and, if need be, how to Let It all Go.


December 13, 2015
“So, Is That All There Is?”  Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


The year’s coming to an end; the gifts and food have made me glad but, is that all there is?  Come to UUCVH as we explore the great questions of life or at least ask some pertinent questions as the year 2015 comes to a close and we peak or glance at the New Year to come.


December 20, 2015
"It's A Wonderful Life” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


Frank Capra’s movie resounds with the idea that every life is precious.  I wonder if we all actually believe this.  I sense that some lives are more important than others and that ultimately we as human beings have a hierarchy of worth associated with who gets to live, die or even enjoy basics of life.  Join us at UUCVH during this special season as we grapple with the realities of human stories from around the nation and world.


December 21, 2015.  Monday Solstice Service at 6:00pm
“Remembering Our Past” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


The Winter Solstice has become important to both humanists, theist and pagans, who find some common ground in celebrating this night. We will include light amid darkness; the death of nature and the cycle of life; the darkness just before the dawn; the miracle of every birth amongst the music & wonder of it all. Join us for an evening of connecting to our past.


December 24, 2015.  Thursday Christmas Eve Service at 5:00pm
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


"Come in from the cold, now we gather.  Come in for the warmth that we'll share.  A people of hope and of memory.  We light our chalice and take time to care."  Join us for an evening filled with songs, readings and merry making!


December 27, 2015
“A Quiet Midwinter Moment” Ann Kleinsasser, Lay leader


After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, come join us for this morning of contemplative readings, music, and moments of meditation.




November 1, 2015 


“Social Action Heroes that are changing the world”
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


Unitarian Universalists are committed to acting on important issues of social justice throughout the world. This service will look at the life of several UU’s and the work of journalist Michelle Bates Deakin who explores the actions of individuals and the impact their actions have had on their communities and their souls. Seeing what others can do illuminates the potential for deep change inherent in each of us, and in Unitarian Universalism as a whole.


November 8, 2015


“Strange As Folks”
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


What’s Gender Got to do with it?  These words hit me like a ton of bricks recently.  Here I am a multicultural 21st century human being and I have a lot to learn about the multiplicity of orientations that exist in the human family.  Join us at UUCVH as we explore some assumptions, misconceptions, and even celebratory facts as we learn together more about STANDING ON THE SIDE OF LOVE.


November 15, 2015


Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


Compassion is the one feeling I actively seek to grow in others and in myself.  It has the power to move people like very few other things. In this understanding of the power of compassion we have an ability to see the suffering of others and ourselves in a new light.  After we embrace compassion hopefully we can begin to empathize and allow space for grace and dear I say love to begin.  Please join us for a service in service of others and ourselves.


November 22, 2015


“Thanking The Ancestors”
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


Join us for this lively service celebrating some of the nations, cultures and people that have paved the way for us to celebrate all that is our lives.


November 29, 2015


"In Theory: Humanism"
Howard Richman




October 4, 2015
“Living Now”
Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


In his beautiful and lucid book Miracle of Mindfulness Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh offers gentle anecdotes and practical exercise as a means of learning the skills of --being awake and fully aware. From washing the dishes to answering the phone to peeling an orange, he reminds us that each moment holds within it an opportunity to work toward greater self-understanding and peacefulness.  This service offers an opportunity to each of us as we engage an often hectic and hurried world and find it overwhelming at times.


October 11, 2015
“Universalism in the 21st Century” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


As we engage and explore the theological landscape of our chosen faith this year Id like us to consider Universalism as the most open and Interfaith theology ever given to the world.  Join us at UUCVH as we look with new eyes upon Universalism.  The best kept secret in the religious world.


October 18, 2015
“Buddhist and Unitarian: a Match Made on Earth” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


The history of Unitarian interest in Buddhism
stretches back more than two centuries and has enriched our faith. 
But it is only in recent decades that Buddhism has come to be
a visible force within UU circles.  Come spend the morning with us as we learn and hopefully grow in deep appreciation for some of what this great tradition can teach us.


October 25, 2015
“United Nations Sunday”
Lay Leader Yvonne Brossus-Fisher


Since 1947, October 24 has been called United Nations Day to commemorate the anniversary of the UN’s creation, and the date was designated as a public holiday by the UN General Assembly in 1971.  In celebration of this annual event, we will explore the work and goals of the United Nations and the connections between our UU principles and the vital issues dealt with at the UN.




September 6, 2015
“A Web of Holy Relationships” Rev. Gordon Bailey


Join us as we call each other into relationship and remind each other that we are not alone in history. Let this service ignite us with the courage of the Living Tradition:


  • Anchor us with patience & perseverance;
  • Remind us that we are not alone in our times of grief & pain;
  • Comfort us with spirit -- manifest in our human hands & voices;
  • Remind us that we are not alone in joy & wonder;
  • Inspire us to honor & spread the beauty we find in this world.

Ultimately, let this service begin a new day in our Beloved congregation as we step into our future now!


September 13, 2015
“Ingathering & Water Communion” Rev. Gordon Bailey


Welcome back to our community after summer!  Come, enter into our house with new memories and worship.  Come into the circle of love and join us as we intermingle the waters as we set our sights on where we are going this congregational year.


September 20, 2015
“Me, We” Rev. Gordon Bailey


This service will take a close look at Relationships.  Relationships that take place within; those that are communal and denominational.  And, relationships that connect us to the Web of all existence.


September 27, 2015
“L. A., Glendale, LaCrescenta, & More” Rev. Gordon Bailey


How do we engage our community?  Do we UUCVH’ers live our UU values in our chosen community?  How can we step into our future being mindful of changes that are occurring as we live and breathe?  Are we, you and I, ready for the dawning of a new day?  This service is about our relationship to our community and how we might reengage, get involved, and share the love.




August 2, 2015
“Assisted Suicide - Before you Decide...” Rev. Olivia Bareham 
(right click above link & click save to download mp3)


The 'Death with Dignity' Act allows physicians to prescribe suicide drugs for those facing terminal illness. This offers a comforting 'solution' to those fearing pain, suffering and dependence at the end-of-life. But, what are the spiritual implications to making this choice? Are we perhaps denying ourselves the most valuable of all life's lessons?  Join Death Midwife, Rev. Olivia Bareham for an invigorating conversation, as we look closer at this delicate and difficult decision. 


August 9, 2015
“Activating Hope” Debbie Rice, Candidate for UU Ministry


How can we keep hope alive when we are faced with heartbreaking injustice?  We will explore the ways we can activate hope and healing in our struggle for racial justice and equality for all.  We will also share stories about what other UU congregations are doing to be effective allies for people of color.  Let's continue the conversation about ways we can truly embody our seven Principles!


August 16, 2015
“Compassion in Human Relations: the Hard Principle” Eric Kleinsasser


Buddhism emphasizes cultivating unconditional compassion. This is achieved through intensive practice and the ultimate realization that the “self” as we see it is an illusion. Difficult as it may be to reconcile these notions with mainstream Western ideas about the self, it should be worth our while to try—after all, the second UU principle encourages “compassion in human relations.” Today we’ll explore one Western philosopher’s perspective about the Buddhist “self-illusion,” and its significance in developing a better culture of empathy in our modern world.


August 23, 2015
"Crossing Thresholds” Debbie Rice, Candidate for UU Ministry


We constantly build both literal and figurative walls for ourselves, keeping emotions, thoughts, feelings, and even people at bay.  Finding ways to cross borders and thresholds opens up pathways to connection, peace, hope, and love.  Let’s cross thresholds and knock down some walls today! 




July 12, 2015
“Reflections From a General Assembly Novice” Debbie Rice, Candidate for UU Ministry


Join us today as I share some of the insights, joys, frustrations, and funny moments from my first GA in Portland.  We will highlight some of the crucial knowledge gleaned from the experience, and share some ways that UUCVH might become involved with innovative projects and new ways of doing ministry in the local community and the wider world.  If you also have a GA story, please be ready to share it with us. 


July 26, 2015
“Will You Join the Struggle for Racial Justice?” Debbie Rice, Candidate for UU Ministry


We see all too frequently the injustices and hate crimes perpetrated on people of color in our country.  This often breaks our hearts and makes us angry, for a little while at least, but it doesn't always stir us to action.  Why do well-meaning, good-hearted people find it difficult to stand in solidarity with people of color?  How can we move beyond our own feelings of guilt, shame, apathy, frustration, anger, helplessness, and confusion to truly be allies with those in the struggle for racial justice?  Let's begin an honest discussion on what we can do to become better allies in the quest for justice for All.


May 3, 2015
"Sowing Seeds of Possibility" Debbie Rice, Intern Minister


Seeds represent new beginnings, creation, and mystery.  Henry David Thoreau says, "Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed.  Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to share wonders."  Please join us for my last service at UUCVH, where we will explore the wonder of the seeds that have been planted in our time together, and those that await to be sown.


May 17, 2015
“Dreams of An Unrepentant Religious Progressive” Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey


I became a Unitarian Universalist because it was the only faith I found to offer my mind, body and spirit freedom of choice and expression.  Today’s service is an opportunity to engage, excite and dream together about our chosen faith and the future of this congregation.


May 24, 2015
“Let It Be A Dance” Rev Gordon Clay Bailey


March 29 , 2015
“Selma Sunday” Debbie Rice, Intern Minister


In 1965, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference urged people across the country to join in the struggle for voting rights in Selma. Many Unitarian Universalists answered that call. Now, fifty years later, UUs will be joining with others to remember the past, so we can look toward the future. As a people of faith, we are stilled being called to strive toward equality and social justice. Will we heed the call? Let's open up a dialogue about continuing the struggle.