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"Joys and Sorrows:
Now With Science"

Marty Barrett
August 6, 2017



How do we share our joys and sorrows when the audience isn't a roomful of captive UUs? 
Research shows that personal honesty, when deployed thoughtfully, can be disarming, uplifting, and mutually beneficial.

"Why Are You UU?"
Lisa Bailey
August 13, 2017



Why are you UU? How does your faith inform (or not) your actions in the world? We will dialogue about this very individualistic inquiry and get to know your fellow congregants a bit better. 

"This Be the Verse: Poetry for Perseverance"
Marty Barrett
August 20, 2017



Two poems, one written in reaction to the other, encapsulate fortitude during struggle and perseverance through humor. Join us for a lyrical morning and leave with some poems to gird your loins for the occasional tough time.

"Free Will vs. Fate"
Bonnie Keith
August 27, 2017

Free will vs fate/destiny? What do you believe and why? What experiences in your life have shaped these beliefs?