Upcoming at UUVerdugo

This Sunday, May 27

We Remember: Rev. Gordon Clay Bailey

On this day I’d like us to both honor military service personnel and to lift up a family member, a hero, a great soul that has changed your life...

10:30 a.m.

Thursday, June 7

"The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!": A Film of A Talk by Bob Avakian

Join us to watch a filmed speech by "New Communist" Bob Avakian, a man Cornel West calls "a long distance runner in the freedom struggle against imperialism, racism and capitalism." Discussion follows. For more information, click here.

7 p.m.

Friday, June 15


This month's theme: Tape from California

7 p.m.

"Monthly Movie Night"
hosted by Paula Hallowell

Paula is your Movie Night Maestro!

Admission is "two-bits"
and hot popcorn is FREE!


May 11, 2017, 6:000pm


Contact: Paula Hallowell
U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984.



April 22, 2017, 4:00pm

Wall - E Movie Night

Fellowship Hall
Contact: Jesse Silver
WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the planet, one piece of garbage at a time. But during 700 years, WALL-E has developed a personality, and he's more than a little lonely. Then he spots EVE (Elissa Knight), a sleek and shapely probe sent back to Earth on a scanning mission. Smitten WALL-E embarks on his greatest adventure yet when he follows EVE across the galaxy.



Tuesday, March 7 2017


Suffragette Movie Night
March 7, 2017, 6:00pm
Community Hall
Contact: Paula Hallowell
Mothers  Daughters  Rebels
Suffragette is the story of the early feminist movement in Britain. Women who had seen peaceful protest achieve nothing became radicalized and turned to violence as the only route to change.  They risked their jobs, homes, children and lives to fight for equality. Suffragette is as heart-breaking, inspirational and gripping as any thriller.    (106 minutes)                                  
Trailer: suffragettethemovie.com



Amadeus Movie Night
February 18, 2017, 6:30pm
UUVerdugo, Community Hall
Contact: Jesse Silver
February's Movie Night will be Amadeus, Best Picture of the Year for 1984.

Screenplay by Peter Shaffer, based on his Tony Award winning play, Amadeus tells the story of Mozart's rise and eventual fall, as told by his arch rival Antonio Salieri.  The film's theme revolves around Amadeus, which translates as beloved of God, for while Salieri has devoted his life to serving God through music, his world has been turned upside down when Mozart appears on the scene.  Salieri hears the voice of God in Mozart's "divinely imspired" music, yet Mozart himself is an utterly uncouth foulmouthed libertine.  How could the same God that Salieri has served, adored, and to whom Salieri has sacrificed his life, bestow blessed genius upon so foul a creature, while rewarding Salieri with the knowledge of his own mediocrity?

As much as a celebration of the genius of Mozart, and an opulent recreation of late 18th century Vienna, Amadeus is a cautionary tale and a meditation on what happens when one sees God as some sort of servant, expected to do what is expected of Him.

Because the film is 3 hrs, the screening will begin at 6:30.

There will be pizza.