President's Perspective

Ann Kleinsasser


Caring Hands

Have you ever noticed the small stitch of red thread at the corner of the rectangular white table cloths used for special occasions in our Fellowship Hall?  They were carefully sewn on long ago by one of our members to distinguish these tablecloths from the square ones without having to unfold them.


Do you ever remark on the beautiful large stones in our succulent garden along the sidewalk on Dunsmore Ave.?  Have you noticed the nasturtiums that occasionally pop up amid the other plants there?  The stones were chosen from a quarry, and their delivery was arranged, by an artist in our midst.  And the flowers are descendants of seeds planted with a former minister and showered with water from our flower communion ceremony. 


Where have you seen these words: “service, peace, truth, help, reverence”?  This banner along with the tapestry depicting our garden area and our beautifully quilted UUCVH banner, all hanging in our sanctuary, were lovingly created by our members over the years.


Each Sunday morning we enjoy the beauty of the stained glass window in our sanctuary, donated in memory of one of our congregants.  We also enjoy the comfort of soft seat covers knitted or stitched by some of our talented members.  And when you open your hymnal you may see a name plate for someone who donated funds to purchase the hymnal.


So many hands have touched our church with love.  Signs of caring are all around us--books and toys donated to our classrooms, decorated walls, flower arrangements for Sunday services, paintings, holiday decorations…It is good to feel the legacy of all these caring people and to be in community with all of you.



Ann Kleinsasser

President of the Board of Trustees



April Outlook

President’s Column


          It has been nearly two years since Terresa Jones rescued us from a sudden vacancy in our church office.  Jumping in without even a job description, she has since created a Congressional Administrator position, with the added responsibilities of Bookkeeper, which she has filled with aplomb, efficiency and good cheer!  Terresa not only fulfills the duties of her job, but often takes initiative beyond her assignments to keep things running smoothly and beautifully.  I don’t think any of us can fully appreciate all of the “behind the scenes” details Terresa has attended to so graciously.  This year has been especially busy as she played a large part in helping Rev. Gordon and Lisa relocate to California, and facilitating all that was involved in our change from “contract” ministry to “settled” ministry.  So it was with much sadness that we accepted her resignation last month, and she will be truly missed!  We offer many thanks, hugs and good wishes!!  We do look forward to her continued presence as a treasured member of our congregation.


          I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the person who will be taking Terresa’s place.  We were fortunate to find Nancy Watkins, who was able to begin immediately after Terresa’s last day.  Nancy has worked as part-time Office Administrator for the past five years at Throop Church in Pasadena, and will continue in her position there while working part-time for us.  She has also worked as administrator and bookkeeper at a counseling center in Pasadena.  Nancy was born and raised in Pasadena and graduated from USC.  She has been married 26 years and has four children and a four-year-old granddaughter.  She was a stay-at-home mom until her children were in school and then scheduled her work while they were in school.  Her family enjoys outdoor activities and spends most of their free time outdoors.  She is very excited about beginning her journey with us--please welcome Nancy and introduce yourself if you happen to stop by when she is in the office.




What do you find at UUCVH?  Does it feed your soul?  Stimulate your mind?  Bring you peace?  Provide companionship?  Spiritual fulfillment?   The experience is different for each of us, but we all find meaning and inspiration here. 

Whether it is sitting in our beautiful sanctuary on Sunday mornings, rolling up your sleeves in a social action project, bringing gifts for children, donating food for those in need, meeting with others to find ways to make our world a better place, or simply helping with tasks around our church, I hope that your connections here bring you fulfillment. 

The beginning of a new year may be an opportune time to reflect on how we choose to spend our time.  In our increasingly complex and busy world, let’s seek to spend time on meaningful activities that bring us joy and inspiration.  Being and working with all of you brings joy to my life.  I look forward to our continued fellowship, and send best wishes for much happiness in the coming year!

Ann Kleinsasser

President of the Board of Trustees