Autumn is my favorite season.  For me the cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaves, the bounty of the harvest, and preparation for winter are invigorating.  Fall in the Foothills is more gradual and less dramatic than what I knew while growing up in Pennsylvania.  During my few years in La Crescenta I’ve enjoyed the transition from the heat and haze of summer into some of the clearest and most pleasant days in my memory. I enjoy the planning and meeting and working together that characterizes the bustle of this time of year.
While the world around us, in so many ways, seems to be falling down, life at UUVerdugo is perking up with plans for new programs and the inclusion of new people.  Members committed to the Religious Education program have spruced up the classrooms and Friendship Hall.  Plans are in motion for Movie Nights, Friendship Dinners and recycling collections.  Next month a Whiskey Rebellion bourbon tasting is in the works.  Gordon will be sharing ideas from the Humanist Year with us in our services.  Our participation with Ascencia Guest Chef program continues.  There are a range of opportunities for getting involved and building our community with your time, talents and resources.


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