Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 10:45AM

Social Justice, Social Action Committee

“Justice is what love looks like in public.” —Dr. Cornel West

 Unitarian Universalism is a religion without spiritual walls, a community that puts love into action, and a movement to create a better world for all.  Unitarian Universalists are diverse in our beliefs, backgrounds, and identities—and we are united in living a ministry that seeks justice. We value all people as blessings. We act in solidarity with those who are excluded and victims of violence and oppression. As we strive to change the system, we foster inclusion, empathy, and respect—in our own lives and in the world. 

Our actions:

1.         How do we show up- we are in good relationship- We show up with Ascencia, BTAC, gifts for children, JUUsticeLA, Black Lives Matter, White Allies, Interfaith connections and more. 

2.         Being present- when we as a church/congregation and denomination Standing on the Side of Love as a way of being in the world. That means we show up, write checks, attend meetings, engage other communities. In fact we are on our way and I’m hoping we will do more. Opportunities are coming our way. 

3.         Being aware- As a UU church it is vitally important that we learn, teach, preach, dialog about the current needs, values, and ethos of our congregation, the denomination, the region and the world. This is our legacy, this is our calling. Let’s live fully into these values today, tomorrow and ongoing.

4.         Being available- I’m looking for more activism. Maybe it’s you that wants to get more involved? Maybe it’s your children? Maybe it’s the neighbor or co-worker that will come do the good works with us. I came here with a heart for doing. And thankfully the few of us in this congregation have been active. But my friends the work is hard and we need more people. Invite your family, friends and neighbors into our activities. January to June is going to be busy!

5.         Being concerned- I know the heart of many of you. I even have been a part of the social actions we have committed to thus far in my year and a half together.  Let’s take our concerns and put them fully into action.  Love will guide us.  We need a new chair for the Social Action Committee moving forward in January.  Details will follow.  If you are ready, willing and able to step up see me, see Lisa and let’s get it on.

6.         Up-coming events of interest-

Saturday, December 3, 1:00 - 4:00pm, AWARE-LA Monthly Saturday Dialogue group for white anti-racists. New members should arrive by 12:30 for a short orientation. If there are any questions please reach out to Jacqueline B. Swezey, at (775) 750-1770 or
UU Church of Santa Monica, 1246 18th Street, Santa Monica.

Saturday, December 10, 7pm, screening of “Profiled,” a film about fighting racism on the street and in the schools of Brooklyn, NY. One of the teachers will be there to introduce us to this ongoing struggle. UU Church of Santa Monica, 1260 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA.

Sunday, December 11, 12 noon - 3pm, Our local chapter of Black Lives Matter -- BLMDENA Winter Clothing & Christmas Gift Drive!
La Pintoresca Park, 45 East Washington Boulevard, Pasadena, CA

December 11, 12:30-2:30pm, Free screening of Ken Burns PBS film, "Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War." This recently released documentary tells the story of UU minister Waitstill Sharp and social worker Martha Sharp. The couple left behind their children and their parish in Massachusetts to conduct several secret missions in Europe during WWII, rescuing political dissidents and Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi occupation.        war/home/  Ross Chapel, Neighborhood Church, 301 Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA.  

Thursday, Dec 15, 7pm, White People for Racial Justice of San Gabriel Valley meeting.
Neighborhood Church,
301 Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA  


SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, January TBD, 2017, JUUSTICE LA General meeting.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, January 21, thousands of people will participate in a Women's March on Washington. In SoCal there will be a March on Washington, LA, and Pasadena at 9am. Look for details to come.

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, February 4, at UCLA for a SoCal SURJ Summit. Showing Up for Racial Justice is a national organization that coordinates local groups of white anti-racist allies, including WP4RJ-SGV.

Of course, we will have our usual events with Ascencia, BTAC, and hopefully, FINALLY Habitat for Humanity.  And while I’m asking for so much for you I might as well go all the way.  I’m hoping to start us on the process of becoming a Green Sanctuary.  Details to follow.  Happy Holidays to all and too all may justice pervade your hearts!


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