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Our church is a progressive and inclusive community dedicated to respecting the inherent worth and dignity of everyone. Our Sunday services and weekly events are designed to inspire, educate, reassure, and foster thought and action. 

We're located in La Crescenta, a neighborhood near Glendale and Sunland-Tujunga, just south of Foothill Blvd. between the Lowell and Pennsylvania exits of the 210 freeway. 

We look forward to meeting you! 

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Sunday Services at 10:30 A.M.

Sunday Services

July 7: The Loss of Freedom 

Global freedom faces a dire threat.  Around the world, the enemies of liberal democracy--a form of self-government in which human rights are recognized and every individual is entitled to equal treatment under law--are accelerating their attacks. Presented by Howard Richman.

July 14: Imagination in Faith

Let's explore the role imagination plays in how we think of and treat one another.  How can we use our imaginations toward the liberation of all people?  Presented by Annie Scott, CRE, Congregational Life Staff in the Pacific Western Region.

July 21: Is it Binary or Not?

Life is complicated, and sometimes confusing.  When we try to oversimplify things, we lose the nuances and subtleties that often make the biggest differences.  In the Western World, we are taught to think rationally, logically and in binary fashion.  Often, however, the answer to the question, is it this or is it that, is yes.  Come and reflect on the value of resting in ambiguity.  What might we learn from the Paradoxes of the East. Presented by Kikanza Nuri-Robbins.

July 28: Things Are Better than You Think

The premise of today's talk is that most people have a view of the world that is very skewed toward the negative.  This worldview is incorrect and harmful. Informing ourselves of what the situation of the world is really like dispels those negative notions. Why do we tend toward the dramatic and incorrect views of the world?  Hint: the answer is not necessarily ignorance. Presented by Bill Poehner.

Got a favorite topic, hymn, Ted Talk, friend that plays music, or know someone with an interesting life story? Please bring your ideas to the Sunday Service/Worship committee. We encourage everyone to share your thoughts and feedback!

Send an email to Howard, 

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“...a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”

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