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Still/Video Image Opt-Out Request

Photo/Video Opt-out Request

November 15, 2023

  • The UUVerdugo Board of Directors recently ordered the creation of an “opt-out” list for congregants or guests who wished not to appear in images, including video, on UUVerdugo’s various social media, including (but not limited to) online newsletters, websites/blogs, Facebook, Zoom video, and Instagram, for safety or other  reasons. 

  • After some discussion to clarify the term “appear,”  it was agreed that images in which the congregant or guest was obscured and otherwise not easily identifiable were excluded from this policy (backs of heads, faces not seen, etc., with lack of identifying information could be used, provided care was taken not to identify the subject)

  • Further, photographers/videographers are required to procure verbal or written permission from their subjects before posting on UUVerdugo social media. Reasonable exceptions, such as the officiant or musical guest, or even guests willingly signing in to Zoom and exclusively appearing to other Zoom attendees (and the Zoom administrator), constitute implied consent to appear to each other, if not consent to appear on other UUVerdugo media. 

  • While the Board will endeavor to be proactive in the future and clarify this policy, in the meantime we ask that those uncomfortable with appearing online in photos or videos taken by someone else please send their name, by email, to both, subject line “Opt Out of Photo/Video Publication” with the following text in the body: “I do not give my permission for still or video images that clearly identify me to be used in UUVerdugo social media, online newsletters, websites, blogs, or other publications, including membership directories and other media.”


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