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Joseph Campbell's Library or: The Hero with a Thousand Books

Santa Barbara's Pacifica Graduate Institute is a revered center for the study of Depth Psychology and Jungian Analysis. The neo-Freudian psychologist Carl Jung and mythology scholar Joseph Campbell were friends and mutual admirers, though they met only once. Campbell, who died in 1987, had a beautiful, robust library in his home in Honolulu, which was transferred to Pacifica's south campus.

Among the treasures therein are Campbell's multiple copies of "The Divine Comedy" (because you can't have just one). Colleagues said Campbell read six hours a day for 65 years. It was thrilling to see his notes in the margins of books, often in different languages. It was also a great privilege to speak with curator Richard Buchen (pictured), who was a font of information about Campbell's and Jung's contribution to the Eranos Lectures and who clearly loved the work of the archivist.

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