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Weekly Update: August 7-13, 2023

This week we go from a refreshing New Member Welcoming Ceremony to Win Or Die. No one can say UUVerdugo isn't a riveting hotbed of ideas.

Last Sunday's Service

Facilitated by new member Liz Conejo, "Ableism And Its Consequences" was a dynamic discussion that got to the heart of the term's meaning and also covered what it wasn't. In addition, this Discussion Sunday featured our first New Member Welcoming Ceremony in years. Congratulations to Patriciaa Soares, Abby Diamond, Alexandra Ettinger Collins, Bill Poehner, Liz Conejo and Anna Smith! We are very happy to have you.

Here is an edited video of the proceedings. It is unlisted on Youtube.

Next Sunday's Service: August 13

Author Bruce Craven of Columbia University's Executive Education Program illuminates some hard-won leadership lessons experienced by very familiar characters.

Making It Happen Mondays

Please bring clothing items and non-perishable food to UUVerdugo this Sunday for our friends at Making It Happen.

Coming Up (view UUVerdugo's August newsletter for full calendar)

Join us in Friendship Hall on August 17 at 6 p.m. for a regular meeting of the Sunday Service Squad, a chance for congregants to talk about past and future services as well as to eat pizza. Please contact Marty Barrett with your RSVP as well as your binary topping choice: Costco Pepperoni or Costco Plain.

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