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Weekly Update: September 11-18, 2023

Some sad news to mix with the hopeful news as we plan for an eventful Autumn (or what counts for Autumn in Los Angeles).


Anne Moratto, dog lover and snappy dresser, led a wonderful service about how animals make us human. We're grateful to everyone who shared a story, and include Terry Richman's story in a separate blog post. The cover model for the service promo is the Moratto family's late and beloved Bear.


The late Joseph Campbell was the professor's professor, the polyglot's polyglot, and a near-mythic figure in the world of the scholarship of myths and their meaning. His landmark interviews with Bill Moyers were a public television triumph that threw a lot of light on our interconnectedness with the liivng as well as our ancestors. Join us for a fun trip to his library.


Due to the extreme financial pinch of the various Hollywood strikes, the trickle-down effect to other industries, and the lingering blow of the pandemic, Urban Homeschoolers made the difficult decision to cancel its Fall semester. This was an agonizing decision to make and it affects many great families, teachers, and staff. It also affects our morale here at UUVerdugo, as we dearly loved having the "skoolies" around. We wish the families and staff at Urban Homeschoolers the very best and hope to see them, in whatever incarnation, in the future.

The Skoolies brought a year of high-octane excitement, learning, creativity, and fun here. The rock band, the Model UN, Math and English and Science classes, Improv, Cooking, and dozens of other activities kept the building vibrating several days a week. In addition, Skoolie parents and staff beautified the grounds of UUVerdugo, opening access to our back yard—a place that generations of our own congregants didn't know existed.


Oh boy, folks. The Verdugo HUUT returns with a LOT of new music and old friends, as well as the riveting and lucrative HUUT Kahoot, signature cocktails, and standard-issue frivolity.


...join us this Friday at noon for our Third Friday Potluck in Friendship Hall. Meet your UU friends and random neighbors away from our dour and sackcloth-attired Sunday services.

COMING UP: September 20

Social Justice postcarding at 1 p.m. in Friendship Hall. Join SJ Chair Madeline Dow for more information about this engaging and impactful event.

This is a fun and informative documentary. Please RSVP as it says in the beautiful poster above, because if you don't RSVP and show up anyway, there is a chance no one will be here to show you a movie or stuff you with pizza.

COMING UP: September 23

Sign up in Friendship Hall to attend a Friendship Dinner on September 23. Get this: it is like the Third Friday Potluck but it is at night and at someone's house. This way there is a greater chance of Devil Music and Demon Rum.

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