Upcoming at UUVerdugo

This Tuesday, October 15


Viewing Party: The Fourth Democratic Primary Debate

Join UU Verdugo, our community partner Crescenta Valley Indivisible, and your neighbors for a viewing party of the next Democratic debate, featuring the 12 candidates that made the most recent polling and financing cut.

Pizza and snacks will be on hand so please consider bringing a small cash donation, and please send your RSVP to Susan Pearson here, as seating is limited.

Doors open at 4:30 for a 5 p.m. live screening 


This Saturday, October 19


Join your beloved Verdugo HUUT for an evening of new and returning performers singing spooky songs, intoning un-nerving tales, and filling the air with pumpkin spice and unease. Our 21st HUUT! features Lisa Finnie, Dylan Thomas, Tim Fleming, Marisol Barrett, Maria Alexander, Paul Perry, Jan Davidson, and players to be named later. In addition to the groovy music, stories, and surprises, you can always count on industrial-strength coffee, the challenging HUUT Kahoot Quiz, and another installment of Tales from El Tujungo.

Doors open at 6:45 for a 7 p.m. show/$10 donation


Sunday, October 20

Sunday Service: We Matter Simply Because We Exist
Guest Speaker: Carol Pilkington

As a Spiritual Advisor, Minister, Speaker and Amazon Best-Selling Author specializing in grief, Carol Pilkington helps those in transition and/or experiencing loss, whether in the present or something unresolved from the past.  She helps clients move beyond grief so they can be more present to the life they are currently living. Today Carol talks about the concepts of holarchy, holism, and hierarchy--how they relate and differ, and how an understanding of them might help us process loss.

10:30 a.m.


Sunday, October 27

Sunday Service: Picking Up the Pieces
Minister: Rev KC Slack

We revisit our broken plates in a continuation of our year-long ritual of healing and creation. In this multi-generational service, we will think creatively about how we sort through our ideas and experiences to decide what pieces we take with us into the future.

10:30 a.m.



This Saturday: A HUUT To Hope for

Your beloved Verdugo HUUT! returns for its 20th incarnation: a tender reflection on the power of hope, perseverance or, failing those, drinking. Join L.A.'s swaggiest musicians, comedians, and storytellers for a fun show that we recommend for ages 12 and up, complete with our challenging HUUT Kahoot! during intermission for prizes and Respect.

Esteemed performers on September 21 include Raspin Stuwart, Pierson Keating, Andrew Lasky, Fogelfoot, Heidi Mastrogiovanni, and Matt Bunsen.

While you're here, enjoy this IMPROMPTU singalong of "Sweet Caroline" from last month's HUUT: "Shine On You Crazy Neil Diamond." If that's what HUUT performers do on the spur of the moment, imagine what they can do when they actually practice!



Many UU ministers take an almost-European leave of absence in the summer to study, travel, and attend the UUA's General Assembly, so it's always a treat, after several weeks of congregation-led programming, to get the minister back (delightful as our summer programs were).

Rev. KC presided over "That's How the Light Gets In" as their comeback service, invoking Leonard Cohen's "Ring the Bells that still will ring/Reject your perfect offering/There is a crack in everything/That's how the light gets in" with the Japanese art of kintsugi, or "golden joining," in which broken cermanics or pottery are repaired with melted gold, thus emphasizing the beauty of restoration, rather than hiding it.

To start our church year, we busted up some stuff, and will use the shards for something beautiful a little later.

During their presentation, Rev. KC referenced Rev. Leslie Takahashi's recent Berry Street lecture "Truth, Trauma, And Transformation: Embracing the Cracks And the Gold" delivered this year to the UU Ministers' Association.


You, Too, Can Like UUVerdugo

Do you remember Friendster? MySpace? Ello? Foursquare? Well, neither do we. We can't even remember where we buried that time capsule in a ceremonial coffee urn containing all those jazzy UU hymn hits of the 1990s. But one thing we are certain is here to stay is our social media presence.

Follow UUVerdugo on Instagram @uuverdugo and on facebook here.

And if you're just here for the Verdugo HUUT! and the coffee at intermission, that's fine, too. The HUUT! is on Instagram @verdugohuut and on facebook here.


This Weekend! Bowie on the Moon

For more than a year, UUVerdugo's sanctuary has been host to a unique monthly performance series: The Verdugo HUUT! Each month we gather musicians, comedians, storytellers, and even puppeteers to create art based on a theme, and the result is a uniquely satisfying night. This Saturday, celebrate the 50th anniversary of both the Moon landing and the release of David Bowie's first hit, "Space Oddity" with Bowie on the Moon.


The UUniversal Henrietta

Whether you're a UU, UU-adjacent, or just got here after UUVerdugo was awarded Best Urn-Based Coffee on the West Coast for the 25th year in a row, you probably know a Henrietta.

Henrietta is the person in the congregation, family, work group, or classroom that knows the job won't be done unless she does it. But she only knows that at magma level; it would never occur to her in her waking life that such a thing could be true.

Henrietta's daughter, who has inherited her late mom's gift of being absolutely integral without wearing a t-shirt that says Absolutely Integral, found this poem written for her mom 22 years ago by Edith Young, who just turned 95.

Somebody sees you, Henriettas of the World. Not only that, now and then someoine will pull out a typewriter and compose some poetry on it.